Be Happy

  • Overview

    Happiness is the thing we want the most.

    In today’s fast-paced society there’s never enough time to fit everything in. We live under a huge weight of demands and our smartphones have created an ‘always on’ culture. All this rushing around breeds stress, anxiety and self-doubt.

    But there is clear and compelling evidence that happier people are healthier. Happiness makes everything, happy people make healthier choices.  – This book will help you unlock your own superpowers to help you to get the weight loss results you want.

    Be Happy comes from a knowing, forgiving place, giving you a new lens that will help you see the importance of self-care.

    Be Happy is a beautiful book – filled with inspirational quotes and gorgeous images. Read it front to back or back to front, flick through it and stop at whatever draws your eye. Or work through the book section by section. All we ask is that you read it ­– your wellbeing and success in losing weight could depend on it.


    • 8 sections including Sleep, De-stress and Believe in Yourself.
    • Small changes – the simple practical steps that will make a big difference
    • Inspirational quotes and images practise mindfulness

    You can choose to be happy and this book can show you how.

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