Complete Starter Kit 2020

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The Starter Kit is now better than ever, including the new Meal Planner Pad, Foldaway Tote Bag, My Journal (plus bookmark), and the myWW Cookbook - save money while getting your weight loss and wellness journey off to a great start. This pack includes:

My Journal

This gorgeous mint green spiral-bound journal is the perfect place to log your SmartPoints, activity and mood. Stay focused on your goals and enjoy some me-time to read, reflect and clear your mind. With recipe ideas, top tips and inspirational quotes, our 12-week journal could quickly become a fundamental part of your personal wellness journey. Plus, it comes with a free bookmark.

MyWW Cookbook

Our first cookbook which supports and provides meal guides for all three plans: Green, Blue, and Purple! You won't be lost for inspiration, or winning meals the whole family can enjoy.

Water Bottle

A Great way to keep you hydrated throughout the day. This innovative bottle takes away the guesswork & keeps track for you.

Foldaway Tote Bag

Made from 3 recycled plastic bottles, our WW branded foldaway tote bag is perfect for carrying all your essentials. 

Tea Towel

The perfect addition to any kitchen. This WW Tea Towel is handy for drying dishes, utensils and glassware, plus each time you use it, be inspired by the motivational message and remember how far you've come on your journey. 

Meal Planner Pad

Meal planning doesn't need to be a chore. Our handy meal planner pad is an easy way to plan your meals and snacks for the week, keeping you on track! 

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