Cookies Policy

This section of our Privacy Policy contains information on what “cookies” are, the cookies used by this website, how to switch cookies off in your browser, how to specifically disable third party advertising cookies, and some useful links for further reading. If you do not see the information you were looking for, or you have any further questions about the use of cookies on this site, please email

What Are Cookies?

“Cookies” are small text files that are stored by your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Safari) on your computer’s hard drive or on your mobile phone. They allow websites to store such things as user preferences. You can think of cookies as providing a “memory” for a website, enabling it to recognise a user and respond appropriately.

Websites use both session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that expire (and are automatically erased) when you close your browser. Persistent cookies usually have an expiration date far into the future and thus stay in your browser until they expire, or until you manually delete them. We use persistent cookies for functionalities like the “Remember me on this computer” feature, which makes it possible for you to return to the site without having to log in. In addition to cookies set by the website you are visiting (first party cookies), both session and persistent cookies may be set by others (third party cookies). For example, analytics firms, social media sites and advertising networks may all set cookies when you visit other sites with which they have relationships.

What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

The cookies generated when you visit our website fall into the following categories:

Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies enable services you have specifically asked for. No consent is required for the use of these cookies.

For example, when you subscribe to one of our Internet Products or register as a community user, we use session cookies to signal that you are logged in so that you are able to use community or subscriber features of the Website, and persistent cookies to provide automatic login.

Performance cookies. These cookies collect anonymous information about how you use the Website. By using the Website or becoming a community user or subscriber, you agree that we can place these types of cookies.

We use performance cookies for web analytics, which allow us to statistically monitor how people are using our Website, to help us improve our online offerings as well as to test different design ideas for particular pages. We work with independent measurement and research companies to perform these services for us, so some of these cookies may be set by a third party company.

In particular, we use Adobe SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics to help us track and analyze usage of our Website, using cookies and action tags. All data collected by Adobe on our behalf is owned by us and used to better understand our users and improve our Website. More information, including how to opt out of these cookies, can be found in Adobe’s Privacy Policy. When you watch a video on our Website, cookies are set by the video playing technology to optimise bandwidth and help measure usage volume and delivery quality.further information about how Google uses your data can be found here.

We may also use performance cookies to track the effectiveness of advertising purchased on third party sites, and to support our affiliate program by letting our affiliate sites know that a visitor to one of their sites later purchased a product or service on our site.

Functionality cookies. These cookies allow our Website to remember choices you make to improve your experience (such as your unit of measurement preferences) and to provide enhanced, more personal features (such as information about your browser and whether you have configured your Website tools), and to improve response speed and efficiency by storing certainly frequently-accessed information. By using the Website or becoming a community user or subscriber, you agree that we can place these types of cookies.

Advertising and targeting cookies. We also use cookies to assist in targeted advertising. Our Website’s advertisements may be displayed or served by a third party, and many of the advertisements you see on our Website are generated by third parties.

For example, we use DoubleClick Inc. ("DoubleClick") (owned by Google, Inc.) and Razorfish, LLC (owned by Microsoft Corp.), which employs Atlas DMT (“Atlas”) technology, to display or serve advertisements on the Website. Neither DoubleClick, Atlas nor their cookies collect Personally Identifiable Information on our Website, and we do not share Personally Identifiable Information with them without your permission. DoubleClick's privacy policy describes its data collection practices and explains the way in which you can "opt-out" of certain tracking by DoubleClick. Atlas's privacy policy describes its data collection practices and explains the way in which you can "opt-out" of certain tracking by Atlas.

Some of our third party advertisers use their own anonymous cookies to track how many people have seen a particular ad, or to track how many people have seen it more than once. The companies that generate these cookies have their own privacy policies, and we have no access to these cookies. These third party ad cookies may be used by those third parties to anonymously target advertising to you on other websites, based on your visit to our Website.
You may "opt-out" of certain tracking on our Website and other websites by various advertising companies by going to the Your Online Choices site.. You can also visit the trade body representing these advertising platforms for more information: Network Advertising Initiative.. They have provided a one-stop place that gathers all of the opt-out controls. Please bear in mind that there are many more networks listed on that site than those that we use on our Website.

We also set anonymous cookies on certain other sites that we advertise on. If you receive one of those cookies, we may then use it to identify you as having visited that site if you later visit our site, and will serve targeted advertising based on this information.

Other third party cookies. On some pages of our site, third parties may also set their own anonymous cookies, for the purposes of tracking the success of their application or customising the application for you. We cannot access these cookies, nor can the third parties access the data in our cookies.

For example, when you share an article using a social media sharing button on our site, the social network on which you are sharing will record that you have done this.

How Do I Turn Cookies Off?

You do not have to accept cookies to use our Website. Although most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, you may reset your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to reject cookies generally. Most browsers offer instructions on how to do so in the "Help" section of the toolbar. While you are not required to accept our cookies to access our Website, if you reject cookies, certain products, offerings, features, or resources of our Website (including certain Internet Products) may not work properly and you may experience some loss of convenience.

All modern browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. These settings will typically be found in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser. In order to understand these settings, the following links may be helpful; you may also use the “Help” option in your browser for more details.

Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
Cookie settings in Firefox
Cookie settings in Chrome
Cookie settings in Safari web and iOS.
Cookie settings in Android
To turn off targeting by particular advertisers, networks or providers of analytics, you may use the opt-out functionality provided through the third-party links mentioned above.

How Can I Get More Information?

If you would like to find out more about cookies and their use on the Internet, you may find the following links useful:

Microsoft Cookies guide
All About Cookies

The IAB has provided the following website to give information specifically about privacy issues around Internet advertising: 

Action Tags

"Action tags," also known as web beacons or gif tags, are a web technology used to help track website usage information, such as how many times a specific page has been viewed. Action tags are invisible to you, and any portion of our Website, including advertisements, or e-mail sent on our behalf, may contain cookies that are associated with action tags that our located on our Website. Unlike cookies, action tags are not placed on your computer.

We may select and use different third parties from time to time to track website usage through action tags on our Website and on our advertisements on other websites. For example, DoubleClick and Atlas each track anonymous website usage by setting a cookie (or reading a cookie previously placed by them) on users' computers to track the activities of users who view a web page that contains action tags. DoubleClick and Atlas may use information about your visits to this Website and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by one of these companies, please refer to its respective Privacy Policy. Periodically, upon our request, DoubleClick and/or Atlas may report the anonymous data that they collect on our behalf back to us for our internal use and analysis and our treatment of this anonymous data is governed by the terms of this Privacy Policy.

By using cookies and action tags together, we are able to gain valuable information to improve our Website and our Internet Products and measure the effectiveness of our advertising and marketing campaigns. We do not disclose any of your Personally Identifiable Information to our advertising partners through the use of cookies or action tags.

Social Media (Features) and Widgets

Our Website includes social media features, buttons and widgets provided by third party social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter (collectively, the “Features”). A Feature may collect your IP address and which page you are visiting on our Website, and may set a cookie to enable the Feature to function properly. This cookie may allow the social media platform to link the foregoing data with your user profile. The Features are either hosted by the third party platform or directly on our Website. Your interactions with these Features are governed by the privacy policy of the relevant platform.

Facebook Connect or other OpenID provider

You can log in to our Website using sign-in services such as Facebook Connect or an Open ID provider. These services will authenticate your identity.

Linking your account with third party applications and devices

Linking your account with third party applications and devices Our website offers you the option to connect your WW account with third party applications or devices (each a “Tracker”) such as activity trackers that measure your activity level (e.g. the number of steps and distance walked, calories burned and other personal metrics). When you have purchased such a Tracker from WW (e.g. in a WW meeting room or online) and set up your account with the provider of the Tracker , the provider might know that this Tracker was purchased from WW. During the set-up of your account with such provider, you might therefore be asked whether you want to connect this third party account with your WW account. Alternatively, you will be able to connect your WW account with your third party account in other ways, such as on the WW website, regardless of where you have purchased your Tracker. If you connect the two accounts, the provider of your Tracker will know that you have a WW account. At the same time, data collected via the Tracker (for example, personal activity data collected) will be transferred to us so that we can update and personalize your WW account (for example, to display activity ProPoints® values earned) in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. You have the option to disconnect the Trackers from your WW account at any time via our website. Please refer to the privacy policy of your Tracker provider for further details, which may include information on what specific data is collected by your third party Tracker and account.

Referral Programmes.

Through third party referral programme operators and others, we offer referral programmes whereby referral websites can earn commissions through the referral of subscribers or other purchasers to our Website. To track the earning of such commissions, and to determine the effectiveness of the referral programmes, the users who become subscribers to our Internet Products or purchasers through such referral websites are tracked using technologies that do not include Personally Identifiable Information (such as cookies and/or action tags). Our programme operators and the referral websites themselves can only access non-Personally Identifiable Information such as data relating to the number of impressions served, the number of transactions completed, and their resulting earnings. They cannot access our customers' personal data.

If you choose to apply to a referral website, we use the data you provide strictly for conducting business with you. We have entered into certain agreements with third party program operators for the purpose of administering our referral programmes. Should you become a referral website of ours through one of our third party programme operators, any information you provide to them is subject to their privacy policies.

Internet Products.

We collect information, some of which may be Personally Identifiable Information, that you voluntarily provide to us when you choose to use some of our Internet Products (available either for free or on a subscription basis) such as the "My Favourites" feature, the online "POINTS® Tracker" tool, the "Weight Tracker" tool and the Community Areas. We also collect information that you provide voluntarily through responses to special Internet Products such as surveys, questionnaires, self-assessment quizzes, contests and the like. Some of these Internet Products may ask you for health related information. We collect this information in order to personalise your Internet experience.

Public Forums and the Community Profile Feature.

We feature public forums such as those contained in the Community Areas where you and other users of our Website can communicate with one another. In addition, we offer the "Community Profile" feature of our Website to permit you to share information about yourself (including, if you elect, Personally Identifiable Information) with others. THIS PRIVACY POLICY DOES NOT PROTECT YOU WHEN YOU USE OUR PUBLIC FORUMS OR PROVIDE INFORMATION (INCLUDING PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION) ABOUT YOURSELF THROUGH THE COMMUNITY PROFILE FEATURE OR THROUGH ANY COMMUNITY AREA AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE. You should be aware that any information shared in a public forum such as a message board, blog, personal page, posting, group, bulletin board or recipe swap or through our Community Profile feature is public information and may be seen or collected by third parties (such as search engines) that do not adhere to our Privacy Policy, although the availability of personal pages or groups identified as “private” may be limited to certain permitted users. However, even information marked “private” may be viewed by our staff. Third party search engines will not collect information you designate as “private”, however once you participate in a Community Area by posting content, the content that you post (including your username) may appear in third party search engines. You should think carefully before disclosing any information in any public forum, or through the Community Profile feature, on our Website. For example, you should not select a username that includes personal information

Log Files.

We also collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information through our Internet log files, which record data such as user IP addresses, browser types, domain names, and other anonymous statistical data involving the use of our Website. This information may be used to analyse trends, to administer the Website, to monitor our Website's use, and to gather general demographic information. We may link this information to Personally Identifiable Information for these and other purposes such as personalizing your experience on our Website and evaluating our Internet Products in general.

Email a Friend

Through our Email a Friend tool on our Website, we will automatically send your friend a one-time email containing the information you request to be sent. If you elect to use the Email a Friend tool, we will collect from you Personally Identifiable Information about your friend which you have provided, such as your friend's name and email address. We recommend, however, that you make sure that your friend wants to receive emails from you regarding materials on our Website.