Delicious Flavours Bundle

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    Our special Flavours bundle makes mealtimes exciting with this collection of recipes from around the world. With everything from tasty curries and Tex-Mex chilli to fragrant dishes from the Middle-East and fresh, zingy Asian stir-fries, Flavours will give you the inspiration to prepare a taste sensation for dinner.

    In addition we have included three delicious sauces to liven up your meat, fish and veggies. And at only 0-1 SmartPoints® per portion, they’re not only super convenient, but won’t blow your daily SmartPoints budget either.

    The bundle is sent to you with one of our special reusable Tote Bags. 

  • Products included in the Flavours Bundle:-

    1. Flavours Cookbook
    2. Spicy Jerk Marinade
    3. 6 Smoky BBQ Sauce Sachets
    4. 6 Spicy Piri Piri Sauce Sachets
    5. Tote Bag
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