Kinetik - Pulse Oximeter

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The Kinetik Wellbeing Pulse Oximeter is completely painless, easy to use and reliable. Taking a reading is simple and non-invasive, with readings shown in a few seconds. Designed to measure the oxygen saturation of arterial haemoglobin (the concentration of Oxygen in the blood) and the pulse rate. As a certified class IIa medical device the Kinetik Wellbeing Pulse Oximeter is ultra-low power and safe to use in and out of the home. 

  • In Association with St John Ambulance
  • Used by NHS Scotland
  • Accurately measure Sp02 and pulse rate
  • 30+ hours continuous use
  • Includes Lanyard and batteries

Find out here how the Pulse Oximeter can relate to your overall health & wellbeing.

How to use the Pulse Oximeter

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