My Journal 2017

  • Overview

    Journal – your success story starts here.

    This spiral bound notebook can help you lose weight - studies show that keeping a note of what you eat and drink is one of the most effective tools for successful weight loss. Writing things down can transform us in a fundamental way – helping reduce stress and clear the mind and this Journal is the place to check in with yourself, plan, reflect, doodle and get inspired. This Journal helps you believe in yourself, and once you crack that, you’re half way there.

    • Make plans – there’s a weekly planner to set-out your meal plan, book fitness appointments or keep a note of what’s coming up.
    • Track what you eat and drink - the daily ‘food notes’ give you space to write down everything you eat and drink and to keep track of the SmartPoints values so you always know how many you’ve got left. Too busy? ‘Quickie tracking’ takes seconds and gives you a running score.
    • Keep your ‘why’ close by – tapping into ‘why’ you want to lose weight keeps your motivation tank topped up. This is the place to set down your dream and then turn it into a goal with lb and inch loss charts and space to big yourself up.
    • Connect with your inner feelings – the daily ‘happy notes’ keep track of your personal outlook and how much sleep you get.
    • Keep track of your moves – the daily ‘move notes’ keep track of your step count and FitPoints earned – plus make plans for how you can do a little bit more.
    • Escape the hustle and bustle – the Quiet Zone at the back is the perfect place to practise mindfulness with puzzles, quizzes and challenges.

    NEW FOR 2017: The spiral bound format means it lies flat and is much easier to use! Plus, inspirational quotes will keep you positive all week!

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