Oven Baking Liner

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Durable, Teflon®-coated oven baking sheet for fat-free baking and roasting. With the WW® oven baking sheet you can prepare a whole range of meat, fish, vegetable and pastry dishes without adding fat, and without compromising on taste.

The liner also protects pans against unwanted scratches and cooking stains. Easy to wash - just use warm soapy water or pop in the dishwasher. The liner is durable, reusable and suitable for all common types of oven (gas, electric, microwave).

Warning: Never heat the oven liner above 260°C. Do not put the oven liner in direct contact with flames, burners, grills or heating elements, nor put it on the oven floor. Use wooden or plastic utensils as sharp items may cause damage. Avoid creasing. Do not touch when hot.

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