Starter Kit

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Three indispensable guides in one handy bag - save money while getting your weight loss and wellness journey off to a great start. This pack includes:

Shop Guide

Take the stress out of grocery shopping with this handy pocked-sized guide, which lists the SmartPoints® values of thousands of items from your favourite supermarkets and brands. From weekday meals to weekend treats, plan your meals around your SmartPoints Budget and shop with confidence. Usual price £5.95

Eat Out Guide

Heading out for brunch, lunch, dinner or drinks? Consider this pocket-sized guide your comprehensive directory of SmartPoints-friendly menu choices. With SmartPoints values at your fingertips for your favourite pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, cinemas and fast food outlets, make informed choices wherever you eat. Usual price £5.95

My Journal

This gorgeous mint green spiral-bound journal is the perfect place to log your SmartPoints, activity and mood. Stay focused on your goals and enjoy some me-time to read, reflect and clear your mind. With recipe ideas, top tips and inspirational quotes, our 12-week journal could quickly become a fundamental part of your personal wellness journey. Usual price £5.95

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