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    Switch on your mojo and get off to the best possible start – this bag makes it easy! The ultimate kit for success with SmartPoints is unbelievable value – worth over £26 – you get all of this for just £19.95. And vouchers worth over £10 too!

    Shop – the A-Z guide to smart supermarket shopping. With SmartPoints values for thousands of foods including all your favourite supermarkets and brands, Shop supports your weight loss – it puts you in control and nudges you towards the smarter choices. (Usual price £5.50)

    Eat Out – the A-Z guide to smart menu choices. Eat Out gives you the numbers that count – SmartPoints values for 54 of your favourite restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets, cafés and bars. Plus, there’s a super-useful Cuisine Guide with estimated SmartPoints for generic restaurants – like your local Chinese. Includes ‘fakeaway’ recipes and loads of practical advice. (Usual price £4.95)

    Journal – your success story starts here. This spiral bound notebook will help you lose weight! Tracking helps make you accountable – it’s one of the most useful things you can do. This is the place to check in with yourself, plan, reflect, doodle and get inspired. Plus, it keeps your ‘why’ close buy, it’s good for your mood, and with puzzles and challenges at the back – it’s great for practising mindfulness too. (Usual price £5.95)

    Calculator with SmartPoints: This clever little tool accurately calculates the SmartPoints values in packaged foods and tells you at glance, how many you’ve used and how many you’ve got left. (Usual price £9.95)

    Plus: Over £10 of money-saving vouchers including £5 off our awesome SmartPoints® Kitchen Scales!

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