WW Magazine - November 2020

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With all its twists and turns, 2020 has been a year like no other, and we've had to get creative within the confines of our own homes. Now that hibernation season is upon us again, a period that tests the resolve of us all, how can we truly embrace it? We show you easy ways to enliven every sense this month without going anywhere. Remember, the mind can always journey where the body can't, and we can use the pause to dream big for next year.

It takes two - How to enjoy comfort foods - without the guilt

Life lessons - Yasemin shares the things she discovered on her 3st weight loss journey

The science of happiness - WW investigates what makes us joyful and why

Peanut butter recipes - A storecupboard favourite that takes centre stage

Cookery masterclass - Homemade apple pie has never been easier with our simple how-to guide

Get a roasting - Stay on plan when enjoying Sunday lunch

Are you feeling sleepy? - Here's your need-to-know on nodding off

Strike a pose - Discover why yoga is truly beneficial for body and mind

Shop for success - Check out the WW range - it's perfect for sweet treats

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