WW Magazine - October 2019

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In this issue, we focus on maintaining a healthier lifestyle when life gets in the way. Plus, we chat to WW Ambassador Alison Hammond and find out why she loves WW! 

Cover star files – Mum-of-two Donna tells how she regained her confidence and sense of adventure

What's my 'why'? - Five members reveal the motivation for their WW journey

Fast fitness fix - Think you don't have time for a workout? This seven-minute sweat gets results

Positive vibes - Stuck in a rut? These mindful life resets will get you moving again

Rush hour - Save time in the morning with these skincare multitaskers

Perfect pasta - Veg-forward ways to dress up a family favourite 

Cheats eats - The ready-prepped ingredients for speedy dinners in a hurry

Just for you - Why quality me-time is good for wellbeing

Ask the experts – Top advice on health, fitness, wellbeing, fashion, nutrition, and WW, straight from our panel of professionals

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