WW Magazine - October 2020

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This issue is a bumper food special. During a period when we lamented not being able to spend time with friends and family, social media proved that food didn't just have to be shared around a table. This month, the WW community share wonderful memories of much-loved treats. More than ever this month, we wanted to equip you with the knowledge needed to be a more confident cook. WW Kitchen Rules will teach you everything from chopping an onion (without crying!) to saving an over-salted dish. Consider this issue your ultimate kitchen wingman, always by your side to support you on your WW journey.

WW Kitchen Rules - Discover Food Editor Nadine's must-master tips

It takes two - Expert advice on staying on track at the weekend 

38 Midweek meals -15-minute dinner ideas to see you through the week

Style file - WW member Lucy shows us how to be fierce at 40 

My day on a plate - Chef Lia reveals how she stays motivated while working in a pub kitchen 

The power of Pilates - Discover why this could be your new favourite exercise 

Swerve the 3pm slump - Learn how to dodge the post-lunch dip (really!)

Making friends with food - Emma shares her five steps to lifelong wellness - and losing 4st along the way 

What even is protein? - Find out the role of this essential nutrient in your wellness journey

The WW bake off - We're rediscovering the joy of cakes - and revisiting our favourite retro recipes 

Nice bit of kit - Baking has never looked so cute with these pretty buys 

Are you really hungry? - Tools and tactics to navigate the signs of hunger 


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